Just How Did the Coolness Get Started?

When it came to finding the right cooler, Cooalla's founder, Ann Taylor found herself feeling a little like Goldilocks. She shopped and shopped, but every one she found  was either too small, and not really well insulated - or - too big, too bulky, and really expensive.


That's when she set out to create a comfortable to carry insulated tote that performs like a high quality cooler but looks and feels like your favorite shoulder bag.

And of course, she really wanted to keep her beer and wine cold. She's a woman with priorities. =)

We were recently interviewed by Biz New Orleans. Not only did we have a great time in the Big Easy on a fancy photo shoot - but they wrote a wonderful article about Ann, and the rest of Cooalla's story.

We'd love for you to learn more about how we're moving and shaking things up in the cooler industry - Here's the link to the rest of our story:



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